For Those who are Dating 
and not Yet Married:


"What's the Big Deal Anyway?" by Pastor James Travis

Unexpected Pregnancy

Her Health Women's Center - For Men

Bible Study

Simple Bible Study

Extensive Bible Study by the CTCR on Marriage, Divorce, Sexuality, etc.



Devotions for Dating Before Marriage           
Marriage is a Covenant                                   
Finding the Right One
Why Date?                                               
How Well Should You Know Him/Her?            
Infatuation: Kissing and Caressing
When am I Going to Far?                           
What about Oral Sex?                                    
How Long Should Someone Date?
Single Life - Do I have to get Married?         
Living Together Before Marriage                      
Praying About Your Future Spouse

High Standards for a Wife                  
O.T. Marriage Ceremony - Forgiveness                                            
I messed up Dating now What?

The Best Sex                          

Taken From:  "Christian Devotions for those Dating:  Could He/She be the One?"  by Pastor James Travis


Living Together

Statistics and Stuff 2             Statistics and Stuff 1

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott on Living Together


Q & A from

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Marriage                            Homosexuality                Spiritual Head

Divorce                              Interfaith Marriage         Same-Sex Marriage


Marriage Preparation

Calvary Lutheran Church Marriage Book

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Marriage Book